Pure OZONE Saturated Water

Bottled for Boost Health Group at private source. Our water is double filtered, and UV treated to kill germs and bacteria without chemicals.
Our High Purity, High Output Ozone Infuser ensures the highest levels of Ozone bonds with the water to give your body and immune system that extra BOOST!


Detox the Body
Detox the Blood
Enhance Renal Function
Cellular Rehydration
Cellular Regeneration
Digestive Disorder
Joint Pain
Alleviate Inflammation
Improve Circulation
Stimulate Immune System

Free of Chlorine

Free of Bacteria

Free of Chemicals

Free of Viruses

Free of Spores

Free of Parasites

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Boost Hand & Surface Sanitizer

Our Sanitizer is specially formulated for safe use on Hands and Surfaces. It's made with 85% Alcohol, and available in different sizes.