Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boost OZONE water?
Boost is:
1) Pure Chemical-Free water. Boost does not contain Chlorine, Fluoride or any other chemicals. All Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Parasites, etc are removed using a double filtration system, and UV treatment.
2) Saturated with a very high dose of OZONE bonded with the water, to give you a range of benefits over regular tap or bottled water.

What is OZONE?
We take in Ozone (O3) from the air we breathe. It's occurs naturally all around us. Some areas have impure levels of ozone due to pollution, other areas may not have any ozone at all.

How do I drink Boost?
Consume Boost as you would normally consume regular water. Drink entire contents within 1 day of opening. Remember to firmly close cap after each sip, to prevent the Ozone from escaping. Drink as often as you can. Ideally, you want to replace your tap-water intake with Boost. If this is not possible, then drink one bottle a day for 1-2 weeks when needed, to keep your system rejuvenated and detoxified.

How fast will I see results?
There is benefit in any quantity you consume, as the chemical-free water and Ozone will be processed by your body. Depending on your lifestyle and diet, you may need to detox often. One bottle of Boost a day for a week will flush your body and maintain improved circulation levels.

Are there any side-effects or allergies?
None. Boost OZONE Water contains only Water and Ozone, both of which are 100% Natural. It's safe for consumption by babies, men & women of all ages, and pregnant women. Whilst this water can improve your health and wellbeing, always follow your doctor's orders.

What's the difference between Boost and other bottled water?
• Other bottled water may sometimes use chemicals to purify the water, Boost is chemical-free.
• Other bottled water does not contain OZONE, to give you a range of health benefits.

I boil my water, or use a home water filter, before use. How does Boost compare?
Boiling water and certain filtration systems don't remove the chemicals that were initially added to water. In addition, Boost contains OZONE to give you a range of health benefits, whilst regular boiled and home filtered water does not.

Need more info on Boost Pure OZONE Water?

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